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Pranama, Tribute from a Challenger who Challanged the Challenges.

Kosala Dullewa, born with down syndrome has become a well known personality in Sri Lanka today, Volunteering his time and talent championing the cause to showcase the potential of children and youth living with Down Syndrome. 

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About Us

Our Team


 Mr. Damitha Karunaratne- President  

 Mr. Bandula Dissanayake- Vice President

 Ms. Preethie Abeyesekera-Secretary 

 Ms. Padma Karunaratne-Asst. Secretary

 Mr. Athula Munasinghe -Treasurer

 Mr. Kanchana Samarasinghe -Asst. Treasurer 

 Lalith Dullewa- Founder Trustee 

 Saroja Dullewa-Founder Trustee 

Our Voulunteers

Nilmini Abeywikrama, Yasasvi Perera, Dimuthu Wijeyrathne, Sakura Senevirathne, Bimsara Dullewa,Tharindu Dullewa, Deshadhi Wijeyrathne, Hasara Wijeyrathne, Thilara Ekanayake, Dilshan Perera, 

Sachin Samaraweera

Our History



There are many reasons for a person to follow a certain course of action. But more often than not the reason lies within us. It is close to our hearts, and we do what we do because it makes sense to us.

For Damitha Senaka Karunarathne, that reason came with his sister giving birth to a wonderful child, Kosala, who was born with Down syndrome. Having spent the better part of his life observing and being delighted by his nephew, Damitha had a vision of reaching out to children with special needs across the island, spreading the same joy, zest and hope for life that his nephew possessed. Thus he took the first steps to start an organization that is synonymous today with catering for people with special needs in Sri Lanka – the Kosala Dullewa Foundation for Children with Special Needs (KDF). The organization strives to educate the communities these children live in; change society’s attitudes towards people living with mental and physical disabilities; and empower children to work towards independently contributing to their society. Since leading the organization as president o f the board of trustees, Damitha has lobbied and achieved recognition for KDF under the parliamentary Act No: 39 of 2009.

Our Vision & Mission


 Our Vision

 To be the pioneer service organisation for mobilizing and promoting health and well being of children with special needs in Sri Lanka. 

Our Mission

  • To assist underprivileged children with different physical and mental disabilities irrespective of their caste, creed, nationality or religion, to become useful citizens who could contribute positively to the society.
  • To become the driving force to change attitudes of the society towards the children with mental and physical disabilities.

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Would you like to join us? It doesn't matter who you are. If you are interested in contributing to a better tomorrow for the children with special needs, you are welcome to join with us in this important endeavor!

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Kosala Dullewa Foundation

No. 83, Galle Road, Mount Lavinia, Sri Lanka.

+94 71 709 6309

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